Online Meeting  -  Application and development of CCA composited material

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Update time : 2021-06-08 10:14:17
As a kind of metal composite conductor material, CCA has the advantages of excellent chemical stability of copper conductor and light weight and good price of aluminum conductor.CCA can reduce the weight of the same size of copper by half, which has important strategic significance for saving copper resources in the world.
In the 2nd phase of 2021, with the theme of "Application and Development of CCA Composite Conducting Materials",  Mr. Fu Linyu, Vice General Manager of Yantai Fuxinda Bimetal Co., Ltd., and Mr. Song Jie, General Manager and Chief Engineer of Ailuoyi (Hangzhou) Materials Technology Co., Ltd.,And Mr. Hou Liang, General Manager of Tianjin Tianchuan Yingke Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Tianchuan Chengtong Technology Development Co., Ltd. are invited to share the application and development of CCA composite conductor materials.The conference was presided over by Cai Xichuan, senior engineer of China Academy of Cable Research Co., Ltd.
At the meeting, three speakers shared with colleagues in the industry about the application status and future development prospect of continuous casting copper-aluminum composite materials, high-quality copper-matrix composite conductor materials, and the application status and prospect of copper-aluminum composite busbars.